Red River Ransom Ep57

December 21, 2018

On this final episode of RRR I'm joined by Scott Cawson. We made a couple of phone calls to former guests including Alana Bjorn ( and Cathleen Hues (aka pinkpanda and one phone call to the always fun Mel (Scott's wife). We also talk about hip hop, movies, Xmas music and a whole lot more!

It was a  great few years, thanks for anyone and everyone who ever gave it a listen!


Red River Ransom Ep56

October 3, 2018

Luna Galdames is back on the show to talk all about her upcoming performance piece at Gallery 1C03 ( November 20th at 4:30pm. We talk about the connection of her performance to Chilean history, politics and religion.

On instagram: @luna.galdames

Facebook: @lunagaldames


Red River Ransom Ep55

September 5, 2018

Alana Björn, owner-operator:, youtuber: and D&D gamer is on the show! Shaun and I talk to her all about her business, her YouTube channel, her recent introduction to D&D, instagram influencers and a whole lot more!

on instagram: @alanajellybean


Red River Ransom Ep54

August 21, 2018

David S. Burney is on the show! I catch up with long time friend and film crony turned snooker commentator. We talk all about his artistic pursuits, snooker, pot legalization, the film industry, college days and a whole lot more!




Red River Ransom Ep53

August 2, 2018

Winnipeg based, supernatural fantasy author, Virginia McClain is on the show! We follow up on her recent acting stint in a fringe play, discuss her creative writing process, book cover design, the publishing industry, D&D, comics, politics, her martial arts practice and a whole lot more!

Red River Ransom Ep52

July 20, 2018

The long awaited return of Scott and Shaun is here! RRR made a valiant attempt at discussing the latest Avengers movie but got derailed by numerous other topics including; the PC movement, politics, 80s movies, Star Trek, Star Wars, Teen Titans Go, French culture and a whole lot more!


Red River Ransom Ep51

June 25, 2018

Long time friend of the show, Gilles Messier is back to talk about his upcoming fringe play: The Sport of the Engineer ( ). He's joined by leading actress and fellow author Virginia McClain and actor Jacques Leger. We talk all about the production, the story that inspired it and much more!


Red River Ransom Ep50

May 28, 2018

Historic episode 50 with the infamous and elusive Winnipeg Waldo (on Instagram and Twitter @winnipegwaldo)! We talk street art, origins, anonymity, colaborations, art exhibitions and flooding the city with the scavenger hunt that is #winnipegwaldo!


Red River Ransom Ep49

April 25, 2018

After more than a year, Pink Panda is back with Nuro! ( On instagram: @pinkpandawpg @nudotdotro and Talking about shows, events and work past, present and future (including their super busy 2017!). Skate decks, comic con, pop up market murals, charity shows, the tattoo convention, custom fonts, graffiti culture, the upcoming 2019 solo show and so much more!


Red River Ransom ep47

March 27, 2018

On this episode I'm joined by Pride Muay Thai, jui jitsu instructor ( Kevin Kumhyr, and fellow comic book/video game nerd Chris M Gatey. We talk martial arts, comic books, video games, religion, art/illustration, star wars movies and more!