Red River Ransom ep42

November 5, 2017

Great conversation with JimCon ( founder Jim Buchanan, JimCon committee member Mike Hofer and ocasional RRR cohost Shaun Vincent. We talk about the event happening Novmeber 17-19, board games, tabale top RPGs, tell stories about gaming, the industry, game culture and a whole lot more!

On twitter and ig: @JimConWpg




Red River Ransom Ep41

November 1, 2017

It's the return of Gilles Messier and Jordan Wagner! We follow up on the run Gilles' play, The First Pillar, c4 comic con, his upcoming etsy market, as well as plans for his next play and collection of short storys. We also discuss Jordan's screen writing, the new Blade Runner movie, war reinactments and a whole lot more!


Red River Ransom Ep40

October 24, 2017

South Osborne Arts Group (SOAG, fb: @southosborneartsgroup) founder Rey Page ( and members Jocelyn Rushworth ( and Melissa Greenhill (fb:@msgreenhil ig: @Melissa_greenhill) are on the show to talk about the upcoming SOAG walking art tour, their personal styles and inspirations, comics, travel, politics and even a little MMA.


Red River Ransom Ep39

October 10, 2017

Gavin Bouchard; online writer (@AYBOnline), cosplayer and dungeon master joins me along with girlfriend and returning RRR guest Georgia Lowen (@ConsultingCrocheter). We discuss Gavin's current D&D campaign, love of comic characters, cosplay stories and upcoming events. Since recording this episode it has also been confirmed that Gavin will be MCing the c4 costume contest in his popular joker cosplay.


Red River Ransom Ep38

September 29, 2017

Ryan Bartel ( , , IG: @rampantdesignleather) leather artist, graphic designer and all around creative guy joins me and Melissa to chat about his artistic pursuits, collaborations, fine arts background, the business of freelancing, and, what else: table top RPGs!


Red River Ransom Ep37

September 11, 2017

Crafting genius and cosplayer Georgia Loewen aka The Consulting Crocheter is on the show! We talk about her crocheting creations, cosplay characters past and future, comic books, D&D, growing up Mennonite and where to get good fabric in Winnipeg after the recent closure of Mitchell Fabrics.



Instagram: @consultingcrocheter


Red River Ransom Ep36

August 28, 2017

Fellow podcasters and craft beer enthusiasts Adrian Trimble and Colin Enquist ( from Pub Chat podcast are on the show! We talk about beer, beer and more beer, plus a few other things...I think?
twitter: @PubChatPodcast


Red River Ransom Ep35

August 14, 2017

GMB Chomichuk (COH-MEE-CHUCK)!!!; Winnipeg based, Canadian award winning writer, teacher, mixed media artist and graphic novelist is on the show! Melissa and I talk with him about the comics and publishing industries, artistic influences, comic con, past and upcoming projects, D&D role-playing and a whole lot more.
twitter : @gmbchomichuk
instagram : @gmbchomichuk
facebook: GMB Chomichuk


Red River Ransom Ep34

July 31, 2017

Gilles Messier (Writer/Artist/Rocket scientist) is back on the show to talk about his upcoming play, The First Pillar ( with co-director Jordan Wagner. We discuss the subject of the play, the struggle of explaining religion and morality to AI. We also talk about the Winnipeg film industry, future projects and a lot more!​


Red River Ransom Ep33

July 11, 2017

Classic RRR guests Scott Cawson and James Mitchell are back to discuss the slew of new comic book and sci-fi movies being released in the near future, D&D, penis graffiti and a whole lot more!