Red River Ransom Ep33

July 11, 2017

Classic RRR guests Scott Cawson and James Mitchell are back to discuss the slew of new comic book and sci-fi movies being released in the near future, D&D, penis graffiti and a whole lot more!


Red River Ransom Ep32

June 22, 2017

FADER (instagram @fader_ or is back for the third time! We get up to date with what he's been doing art-wise since his last visit on the show. We also talk all about his background in martial arts, my recent dabbling in jujitsu and our mutual interest in MMA. 


Red River Ransom Ep31

June 9, 2017

Welcome back to RRR! On this episode I'm joined by fellow podcaster extraordinaire, Sam Thompson. Sam is the creator and host of the popular Winnipeg based podcast, Witchpolice Radio. We sit down to talk all about the ins and outs of podcasting, his favorite guests, what brought him to podcasting, musical interests and a whole lot more!!! Find them on Facebook @WitchpoliceRadio Twitter @WitchpoliceFM and Instagram @WitchpoliceRadio


Red River Ransom Ep30

April 12, 2017

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains sexually explicit discussions and is not appropriate for listeners under the age of 18...or practicing Mennonites. On this episode I'm joined by poly couple Andrew and Katie and Kelly Hughes, former owner of Aqua books (, star of 70s-80s kids show Let's go ( and current radio personality ( to talk all about polyamory, relationships, religion and a whole lot more!​


Red River Ransom Ep29

March 13, 2017

Shaun and I are joined on this episode by rocket scientist, sci-fi author, visual artist, playwright and inventor Gilles Messier to talk all about his creative and scientific pursuits. We also get into everything from WWII to political and religious anecdotes.


Red River Ransom Ep28

March 13, 2017

Scott and Shaun are on the show to talk about gaming in our midnight campaign (, the new Deadlands Europe, Marvels infinity gauntlet story line and a little bit of Star Wars episode 8.


Red River Ransom Ep27

February 16, 2017

On this episode I'm joined by Shaun and his brother Paul to talk about recent, tragic happenings in our 5E D&D midnight campaign. We also run down the good, the bad and the ugly on Star Wars Rogue One and give our thoughts on the future of the franchise.​


Red River Ransom Ep26

January 30, 2017

On this episode Shaun and I talk with comic author ( - ​twitter and IG: @dirtywatercomics) mma fighter ( and world adventurer Jamie Michaels all about his journey by canoe from Winnipeg to Mexico, his ensuing graphic novel and a whole lot more!​


Red River Ransom Ep25

December 29, 2016

We've put together a selection of 2016 leftovers, a pair of partial podcasts from the past year. Both were attempts to take the podcast on the road and ended with incomplete recordings. The first half features Jeff Ryzner and Scott Cawson at Shaun's office, a recording where some of the audio containing incriminating comments mysteriously disappeared (Shaun?). The second half is part 2 of ep22; a recording done in Shaun's van while driving from Winnipeg to Rice Lake. See y'all next year!​


Red River Ransom Ep24

December 7, 2016

Robyn Holmes joins us on this episode to talk all about her eco-friendly, event planning company, We discuss her path into event planning, her personal environmental philosophies, her contributions to the Winnipeg folk fest and a whole bunch of other fun stuff!

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